The One Thing You Are Doing To Make Your ADHD Worse!

Updated: Aug 20

I see this every single day, and it breaks my heart. Now let me say the group I am in has ADHD women in them, so I can't speak for men, but there is something I see in every group any time I check on them.

Too many of these women focus on what they can't do. I'll argue later in this post that what they think they can't do isn't even true, but for now, let's focus. How does it benefit anyone to focus on what they think they can't do?

I'm going to get a little mama bear in this one. I am not trying to be insensitive to those that are struggling. I see you, I hear you, I've been you, I love you. Your struggles are real, but they are also partly self-induced.

If you have been with me long enough that you understand your thoughts create your results, and you spend your time thinking you can't clean, can't get organized, can't think, can't hold a job...the list goes on. When you think those things, those are the results you get.

Let me tell you a story. Right when I got started with coaching certification, they sent me these huge books. One was a textbook and one was full of worksheets. Heavy, slam on the table from the weight of it type books.

My first thought was...I don't retain information. I'll never be able to learn what I need to learn from this book. I brought that to my coaching group and my coach was not having it. "Why would you choose to think you can't retain information?"