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I thought trying out life coaching was just to figure out my newly diagnosed ADHD. It was so much more than that. Mande did more for me than YEARS of therapy could accomplish. She guided me to not only heal, but take CONTROL of my life. I still have a long road ahead of me but I know where I'm going and how to get there. I feel confident in myself and im excited for my future.

Sara Rodriguez


Since coaching with Mande, I have learned to shift my thoughts and feelings, and ultimately have displayed more behaviors I take pride in. I’m truly grateful for the experiences Mande’s coaching has helped me pursue.

Tobi Johnson


It has been an absolute pleasure undertaking ADHD life coaching sessions with Mandi. During my sessions I was able to highlight and explore areas I felt I was failing, Mandi helped bright light to my thoughts, beliefs, behaviour cycle and helped me implement manageable changes to improve myself. Mandi has a gentle, yet assertive manner in helping deal with unpleasant issues and the fact she also has ADHD brings a much needed first-hand understanding of the struggles I face. I'm happy to recommend Mandi to anyone wanting to tackle ADHD issues and get their life more organised.

Alison Awo


Mande John didn't build the tool shed. She made me see that I had all the tools I needed for life scattered about inside. Together, we systematically uncovered each tool, dusted it off and immediately put it to use. Nothing feels as good as an organized tool shed! My productivity and confidence thanks you for it, Mande!

Alicia Diaz

Mande had an amazing gift of helping people see through the obstacles in their lives to get to the best version of themselves. She helped Make what I thought was so hard in my life a simple understandable process so I could finally move forward and set myself free. Thank you Mande for all that you’ve helped me with over these past 8 months! You’re the best!!

Mande coached me to navigate one of the most difficult challenges of my life: recovery from a brain injury. Not only have I gotten through it, but I am thriving. She taught me how to get back in the driver’s seat of life rather than being a victim of my injury. Her understanding of my “new brain” helped me get my life back. I can’t say enough about her powerful coaching.

Jeanna Giraldi

Helen Scott

Jane Shafer.jpg

Mande has a rare gift of meeting you where you are at and guiding you to where you want to be. She does it with wisdom, understanding, and humor. Mande talks the talk and walks the walk as she is always resourceful in not just uncovering the thoughts and feelings at the core of inaction but also provides guidance and support in creating small and actionable steps to change your habits and your life.

Yevgeniya Shafer

Jennifer Hope.jpg

Mande's unique coaching style has guided me to examine my thoughts before reacting when faced with negative situations. With her intuition, she's recognized dichotomies in my words, and worked with me to reconcile them, first in my brain, and then in my life. My life has so much more peace since I've been coaching with Mande, and I look forward to every session.

Jennifer Hope


I have been working with Mande with personal life coaching for over 6 months now on managing and understanding my ADHD and on controlling my alcohol consumption. I can't tell you enough how much her coaching has changed my life! I used to be completely stressed, disorganized and quite honestly I would have never guessed I suffered from anxiety.

However, through all the work, I now understand my challenges and have tools to navigate through them. I now feel and can differentiate "feelings" and where they come from, where I have hidden them and how to acknowledge them in order to benefit my life.

Having suffered from ADHD my whole life, and only now as a 43 year old finally receiving help through Mande's coaching I often find myself saying, "where would I be, if I didn't receive Mande's help?" Well, the answer is simple, medication wasn't enough, I needed to learn how to "calendar", how to experience "feelings" and how to fully accept help in remapping years of bad habits in order to focus and take control of my ADHD, not the ADHD controlling me.

I'd recommend Mande's life coaching to everyone suffering with ADHD. The benefits of life coaching give you knowledge about ADHD, create self-awareness in recognizing patterns and habits (healthy or unhealthy), and with all that it simply makes life so much more manageable and enjoyable.

- Katie

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