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How To Strengthen Your Mind To Not Quit

How would life be different if this was the case? If you were willing to give anything you wanted the time and commitment you knew was necessary to make it happen? Don't let yourself get confused about this. You know better than anyone what it would take.

Confusion is an emotion we can indulge in to stay stuck. Similar to overwhelm, but from overwhelm we can think we have to take all the actions and do very little, and with confusion we will tell ourselves we don't know what to do, and so we don't have to take any action. Or you can't because we need more information.

Here is an oversimplification of the formula I have been putting to work with my clients, and you can try for yourself or book a call, so we can do it together.

1. Decide what you want.

2. What do you know it would take to get it?

3. Decide what is enough action & time to get it?

4. Be willing to feel the discomfort that will come up & not indulge in emotions that keep you where you are now.

5. Don't quit until you get it.

This is a hell of a lot more fun from positive emotions like commitment, determination, fun, joy, capability, ease, and so forth than trying to hustle your way there. So what do you want? Are you ready to have it from a place of feeling good, or will it be from indulgent emotions that make you feel terrible?

This is coaching. Examining your mind and figuring out what is making you feel bad and then coming at it from a direction that makes you feel good & energized, and that stuff is addicting because it works. Then you can apply it everywhere.

So, my fellow ADHD friends. What do you want? Do you want to strengthen an executive function skill? Do you want to succeed where you have struggled? Do you just want to be done with that battle in your mind about the dishes, laundry, keeping up?

Sometimes you slow down, but quitting isn't an option.


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