How to be Happy // What If Happiness Isn't The Goal?

Updated: Aug 20

According to 45,000,000 Google "How to be happy" monthly. Think about it, when people ask us what we want for our kid's future, what do many say. I just want them to be happy.

The problem is, most of the people are not happy half the time. Then we make that a problem. If you wake up in a bad mood, or sad, anxious, angry, the list could go on, we make it mean something has gone terribly wrong.

Why? Because we think we should be happy all the time and if we aren't, there is a serious problem that must be fixed. Then we compound the negative emotions and make them much, much worse.

Ever got more anxious about being anxious? Mad at yourself because you are angry. Sad and frustrated that you are sad and frustrated. When we aren't accepting of the negative emotions, we make them bigger.