Do you struggle with...

Being Organized?

Managing Your Day?

Know What To Do First?

Planning Big Projects?

Controlling Your Emotions?

Forgetting Things?

Losing Things?

Being on Time?

Paying Attention or Focusing?

Your Relationships?

Starting  or Finishing Things?

Getting Overwhelmed?

Do You Have Habits You Feel Are Beyond Your Control?

First, we want to let you know you are not the problem. There are skills you can learn to take back control of your life, and we can teach you.

Do you feel like your Adult ADHD is holding you back in life?

You can take control and move forward.

You can become a person that does what you say you will do.

You can master skills that make your life so much easier.

You have never tried anything like this before.

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ADHD Coach

Mande John & Renee Scotty

How Can You Work With Us?

  • Courses

  • Group Coaching

  • 1:1 Private Coaching


Phone: 760-544-3198


How Does it Work?

It's super easy! Just click the button below, pick a time that is right for you.

Submit your name, email and phone number and a link will be generated.

You get the option of adding it to a calendar if you have one.

You will also receive an email with the link. This is our Zoom meeting link.

On the day & time you chose, we will click the link and I will ask you some questions.

We will get to know your history and what challenges you are having.

We will teach you a few tools and do some coaching. No need to be nervous.

We love what we do, and especially enjoy meeting fellow ADHDers or those with similar struggles.

We will explain the coaching options. At this time, I have Group Coaching and Private Coaching.

We will help you evaluate if coaching would be beneficial to you. If you want to get started we do and if not you leave with a few tools you can easily start applying to your life that day. 

There is no downside, and we make sure you feel comfortable and heard.


Shoul You Work With Us?

Which of these results inspire you most?


I thought trying out life coaching was just to figure out my newly diagnosed ADHD. It was so much more than that. Mande did more for me than YEARS of therapy could accomplish. She guided me to not only heal, but take CONTROL of my life. I still have a long road ahead of me but I know where I'm going and how to get there. I feel confident in myself and im excited for my future.


Since coaching with Mande, I have learned to shift my thoughts and feelings, and ultimately have displayed more behaviors I take pride in. I’m truly grateful for the experiences Mande’s coaching has helped me pursue.

Tobi Johnson

Sara Rodriguez

Jane Shafer.jpg

Mande has a rare gift of meeting you where you are at and guiding you to where you want to be. She does it with wisdom, understanding, and humor. Mande talks the talk and walks the walk as she is always resourceful in not just uncovering the thoughts and feelings at the core of inaction but also provides guidance and support in creating small and actionable steps to change your habits and your life.

Yevgeniya Shafer


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