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July 2023
Join The Waitlist Today!

This will be a membership with bingeable courses. Here are the course that will be available when you join.

  • Getting Things Done

  • Better Relationship With Yourself & Others

  • Sleep for the Busy Brain

  • Organize Anything With Ease

  • Triple Your Time

  • Becoming the Boss of Your Brain

  • Serious Self Control

Plus workbooks to apply what you learn & bonuses.

New courses are created every month & that's not all!

  • Weekly LIVE ADHD Coaching

  • Can't Attend? Catch the Replay

  • Be Part of a Like-Minded Community

Plus more to come!

Pre-Launch Happens July 2023.

If you sign up in July as a Founder, you join for only $97 a month. That is a $52 discount every month as long as you are a member.

Those that wait until August will join at $149 a month.  Still a killer deal! That is a fraction of the price of private ADHD Coaching, plus you get LIVE Coaching Weekly a library of courses and new ones every month. 

Get on the waitlist by filling out the form below, so you can know before everyone else & get in as a Founder. 

Join The Waitlist

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