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How To Clear Your Mind & Get Things Done The ADHD Friendly Way.

A brain dump is an excellent tool for those of us with ADHD. Our minds can be very busy and if we don’t clear it out from time to time it can be overwhelming, affecting our working memory, the whiteboard of our brain, and our sleep.

Our brains aren’t happy when there is a lot of information swirling around in them. This is how you can put a stop sign in front of racing thoughts.

You can use these 5 simple steps to start using this tool today.

Step 1 Dump It All

When you do a brain dump, you put down everything in your mind to an exterior source. Don’t sensor yourself clear everything out. Tasks weighing on your mind, things you think you should do, things you want to do, perhaps promises you made to others, whatever you are thinking about, all of it.

This could be done in various ways.

  • On Paper

  • A Computer Document

  • Voice Notes

  • Apps

  • A Video Diary

The method doesn’t matter. Just do what works for you. Make it as easy as possible for yourself.

Step 2 Cut It Out

Now you are going to want to decide what stays and what goes. What is on this list that you can cut out?

  • What is on this list that someone else can do for themselves?

  • What can you delegate or pay someone else to do?

  • What is on this list you should have said no to?

  • What is on this list that is expired or is no longer important?

  • What is something you feel you should do but don’t really have to?

  • What can you just not do and there will be no consequences?

You may come up with additional questions to help you prune your list. This is just like cleaning out a closet and discarding any clothes that are old, out of date, damaged, or you just don’t love anymore.

Step 3 Break It Down

With what is left, break it down into small doable steps. At first, you don’t even have to put the steps in order. If you want to paint a room, you know you will need paint and rollers, but you will also have to decide what color and where to buy the paint.

Just put down all the steps you can think of at first. We will get them in an order that makes sense.

Are you not sure what the steps are?

How do you find out? Perhaps it’s something you have never done or don’t know how to do. A step is doing some research or finding someone to ask. Also, sometimes it’s a matter of trusting ourselves. What if you did know what the steps were?

Step 4 Make It a Date

When I do this procedure with my clients. When I walk them through this process for something they want that has felt overwhelming to them, and we have broken it into small pieces, they know they can make it happen…

…this is what I say that shocks them… Okay, when exactly?

It seems like it’s every time. They just don’t expect it. We are used to making these plans and having a vague idea it will happen in the future.

If they come off of that call without an action plan of what will happen next, the likelihood it will happen is low. If we set specific dates and at least one or two things to happen before we meet next, the likelihood increases into the 90-something percentile.

They have made a commitment not just to themselves but to another human that is supporting them and will be asking how that went. And why not do it? It’s been broken down to the point they don’t feel friction about doing it anymore.

You may think, when you break things down into very small tasks, what you are trying to do will take forever or never get done. The opposite is actually true. Slow and steady wins the race.

Step 5 Make It Happen

Now comes in the mindset work. When it comes to doing the thing you set out to do, you will not feel like doing it. Anything else, even things you don’t like to do, will sound like a better idea. That is okay. This is normal.

Don’t make it a problem that you don’t feel like doing it. That is not a requirement. Just take the next small step. That’s it. If in the previous example, it’s picking a paint color. Commit to going to your favorite place to get paint and looking at paint chips.

You can do that! It’s as easy as walking in and looking at a board of color. Can’t decide? No problem. Take a bunch you think you might like home and tape them to the wall. Then the next thing and then the next as the hours, days, and weeks go on.

We are always making forward motion. That is what’s important. It’s not important we get a huge project done in a day.

To Review:

Step 1 Dump It All

Step 2 Cut It Out

Step 3 Break It Down

Step 4 Make It a Date

Step 5 Make It Happen

I created a workbook to take you through this process that you can get for free by clicking the image below.

You can do this. Don’t let your past experiences dictate what you will do now and in the future. Your past means nothing about what you are capable of today. Imagine birds in the nest thinking, “Didn’t fly yesterday, so I can’t fly today.”

We are constantly learning and gaining strength as long, as we keep trying even in the smallest of ways. You’ve got this, baby birds!

Do you want more on this subject? Catch my YouTube video below. Subscribe to the channel while you are there. We come out with a new video to help you each week.

If this has piqued your interest, and you are interested in learning more about ADHD Coaching, you can book a consultation call with me by clicking the button below.


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