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You Are Not a Procrastinator!

Did you say yes I am? I completely disagree, and I'll tell you why. I'll also tell you the massive mistake you are making by thinking you are a procrastinator. This is a red pill, blue pill situation. Meaning, you will never be able to go back to thinking this way about yourself after you learn this concept.

You, my dear, ARE NOT a procrastinator. You may procrastinate, but you are not a procrastinator. There is a massive difference. By saying you ARE a procrastinator, you are identifying as the very thing you wish you didn't do. When you identify as it, you lose all power to change.

Think about how you feel when you think I am a procrastinator. Hopeless, powerless to change, bad, wrong, like you aren't doing life right? Do you pile on more opinions about yourself that are not flattering? And all of this does not make you feel motivated to get started on the damn thing.

So my friend, here is what you actually are:

👉You are someone that is working on, not procrastinating.

👉You are someone learning to start sooner.

👉You are someone that is figuring out how to not put things off to the last minute.

👉You are someone that is finding new ways to conquer procrastination.

See how that step in the right direction of your thought process makes a huge difference in the way you feel about yourself? Can you see how it moves you forward in changing something about yourself that you just decided was a fact?

We must be careful with the I AM.

Where I found this identification problem in my life was anxiety. I identified as an anxious person. Which added greatly to my anxiety. When I decided to no longer identify that way, I was much calmer and in control of my anxiety. Do you identify yourself as an anxious person?

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