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Why is Life 10 Times Harder for Someone with ADHD?

Planning is an executive function you may be short in. So it may be harder for you to see a project through from A-Z before you start. Are you also lacking in time management? Did you give yourself the time you needed to plan, but now your back is against the wall?

Is that because you have a hard time with initiation, so you weren't able to get started or did you get distracted and have to start something else right now, not exercising the proper impulse control.

Maybe the last time you tried to plan you didn't figure out what was needed to do the task properly, so there was no organization, and you don't want that again. No wonder we are stressed. I am putting into examples here the executive functions we need to sharpen simply to plan properly.

Which is another executive function. Why are these things not explained to us? If your ADHD is caught in childhood, you might be medicated, but that was probably it. Many of us are diagnosed as adults and given medication or not, and sure it helps a little, but why is life still so challenging?

Why is life 10x harder for us than a "normal" person? Because unless we get the training we need, it just is. Why are we not given a prescription and told we should go get an ADHD coach? Well, one not all coaches even know how to exercise your executive functions and two they think the medication will give you what you need.

You will have some improvement, but I bet you are with me. You don't want some improvement, you want huge improvement, and that is what we do with coaching. We strengthen your executive function skills while managing your mind at the same time.

The same as riding a bike is a skill, and you fall off and try again. You have someone there encouraging you, teaching you, giving you the tips you need, and holding the seat. Or you would just not get back on the bike. It hurts to fall down.

Planning doesn't have to be stressful. It's actually not for some people. Isn't that unfair. They were taught to plan properly, and their brains took it in. If planning is still difficult for you, that is an area we need to exercise.

Book a consultation call with me, and we can talk about it. I can explain my process and even do a little coaching with you. See you soon!


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