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What is Body Doubling?

Body doubling is where you work with someone else to get things done that you normally struggle with or struggle to focus on.

What does this work for!?

Anything...You…Want! I used it to clean my barn in less than an hour, which is no less than a miracle. I had been avoiding this task for half a year. My body-doubling partner was working on a painting project.

  • The tasks you struggle to get started on.

  • The tasks you are avoiding.

  • The tasks that seem hard.

  • The tasks you don’t make time for otherwise

A rule I like is to use body doubling for all the tasks I really want to weasel my way out of.

How does it help?

  • You feel more accountable.

  • It’s not as easy or comfortable to wander off.

  • You committed to another person to do a certain task.

  • You are showing up for someone else.

How do you actually body double? There are several ways.

  • Call a friend or family member.

  • Invite over a friend or family member.

  • Use body doubling websites or apps.

  • Getting an ADHD Coach.

It’s important if you body double with people you know that they are supportive and positive people. You don’t want to associate any kind of negative feelings with things that are already hard to do.

They aren’t there to help, necessarily. They can, or they can work on their own project, but what works about body double is just having another person there to help keep you focused on the task.

The way I LOVE to Body Double and recommend it to all of my clients is the website Focusmate . With this tool, you meet with a real live person that could be from anywhere in the world through Zoom. You can also check out the list I made about My Top 10 ADHD Friendly Tips For Better Focus.

It is so easy to use, and you get matched with a partner remarkably fast. You can even give your personal link to people you know, and they get priority, so you can see a familiar face on the other end.

This is not at all a promotional post. It’s just a tool that I really enjoy, and it works for my ADHD Coaching Clients. Are you interested in coaching? I work with Adults with ADHD. You can click the button below to book a Consultation Call.


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