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What if ADHD Didn't Need to be so Hard?

By far the question that has changed my life. Take on this question, you are feeling a lot of overwhelm in your life. ADHD can already be overwhelm inducing, but when you add to it, bad underlying beliefs like, "Life has to be hard." That was mine, and it was causing issues in so many areas of my life.

I would describe to my husband the constant overwhelm that I would try to escape from in so many ways, mostly by eating something, but it would be right there waiting for me when I was done. Lovely Mande now you have added weight gain to all of our many problems.

Overwhelm is an indulgent emotion because we can choose to stay stuck in it. Why wouldn't you? Your brain doesn't want to do all of these terrible, difficult things in life and there are so many. We should just stay here and stay distracted and let the things pile up.

Or we could ask, "What if it were easy?" Then really think. How could I deal with this problem if it were easier? How could I make it easier? Could I break it down? Could I do one small piece? But is that enough? Well, you get to decide what is enough?

Like maybe, you have had enough of living in overwhelm, and you want a change. Often with ADHD Coaching clients, we will break down big projects together because alone we can have difficulty with planning, prioritizing, and then managing our time around it.

So many times, they were left in disbelief that it could just be that easy. This big task has been looming over their heads. It's not their fault they couldn't see it clearly because of overwhelm.

Sometimes it's not a task, but emotions. Imagine a pile of boxes on the floor. One is labeled anxiety, one sadness, hurt, anger, frustration and over the top is a big blanket called overwhelm. That is why sometimes when we start coaching and pull off the blanket, we are able to start dealing with the ones underneath.

Until we do this, we can stay stuck. What if it were easy? Try it out next time you are feeling something is too hard or overwhelming, and tell me what you came up with. Or let's work on it together. You can book a consultation call so we can get things started.


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