Triple Your Time Course & ADHD Group Coaching

Hi! It’s ADHD Coach Mande John, have you heard about the Group Coaching I offer yet?

For June, I’m offering Triple Your Time

Each month we strengthen a different executive function skill, and this month it’s all things time.

  • You will develop & improve habits, routines & time management.

  • You will improve our time awareness.

  • Solve the problem of losing time.

  • Learn to create days, weeks and months that you love.

  • Be proud of how you are using your time.

  • Learn to relax without feeling lazy.

And so much more.

Along with time management, we will add in planning, motivation, task initiation, and sustained attention because what good is knowing what you want to do and when without being able to actually do it?

THIS IS MY SPECIALTY! I’ve worked with 100s of clients on this, and this class will meet you where you are at while stretching you to grow.

I’m a teacher at heart, so this is a Course & Group Coaching. The first 20-30 minutes I spend teaching & taking questions, and then it opens up to LIVE Coaching. On the topic or anything you would like.

Don’t worry, everyone is nervous to be coached LIVE, but that goes away once a few people go first, or you can just observe, and you will learn so much about yourself through watching others get helped.

Maybe you are worried you won’t take action. It is always easy to understand how to apply this to your own life. I give you a workbook to support you through each concept I teach. There are simple action items broken down for you.

If all that doesn’t work, you can get coached on it, and you have email support throughout the week.

The Group meets Mondays in June at 9am PDT is really helpful to figure out what time that is for you.

The feedback I’ve been getting has been fantastic, even from the people who have not been to a single class LIVE. Everyone gets the replay after, in case you can’t be there or want to review in video and audio format.

Who is this for?

  • This one is for the grown-ups, so for 18 & up.

  • You can be from anywhere in the world if you have a good internet/cellular connection.

  • You must speak English.

  • May’s group has people from several countries.

  • This is for any gender.

  • You’ll need a device to attend. Phone, tablet, computer

How much is it?

That is the best part. It’s less for the month than 1 - of my 1:1 Coaching Sessions. Why? Because I can teach & coach several people at once. So it’s a win for me and a win for you at only $60 for the whole month.

You are not locked into any plan or subscription. At the end of the month, you decide if you will join us for the next month. Who needs to remember to cancel one more thing? We are making your life easier with coaching, not harder.

How do I join?

Easy-peasy. Click this link, Triple Your Time ADHD Group Coaching and my scheduler will make it super simple for you. Take you through payment and then send you a link for our group session.

That’s it! You know the best time to do it? Right now! Reserve your spot with a few clicks.

If group coaching is really not your thing, and you would prefer to work with me 1:1 then this is the link you will want to click below:

1:1 Private Coaching 1hr Once a Week

In this setting, we will focus solely on you and your unique circumstance. All courses I’ve created are free to you for the time we work together to watch and implement at your leisure. If you want to attend group live you would want to join both.

What are the courses so far?

  • Become a Brain Boss (Metacognition)

  • Organize Anything with Ease (Organization)

  • Triple Your Time (Time Management) Released week by week in Jun

If you still have questions, shoot them my way. I’m always happy to help. You can also have a free coaching session with me by clicking the button below.

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