The Sneaky Belief Contributing to Overwhelm

Today, my friends, I offer you a look inside my mind and heart. This week's blog post is a message I wrote to my friend about my own work. You may read it before she does.

I wanted to share because I imagine you might feel the same way. Life can be difficult with ADHD, and we can make it worse by not managing our minds. Even when we do sometimes the beliefs are hidden.

Today I found one buried so deep inside me that contributed to daily difficulty in my life. I'll share it here because I didn't directly share it in the note.

That is, "Responsibility is a bad thing." Almost hand in hand with, "I don't want to be responsible." and nested inside that one is, "I shouldn't have to be responsible." Is it interesting the things our brains offer us and how we can use them to get in our own way?

The following is the note I sent.