The Reason You Can't Trust Yourself Isn't What You Think!

Updated: Aug 20

I couldn't trust myself. This was my biggest problem. I could not keep a promise to myself. If I said I was going to do something, the likelihood it was going to happen was so low it was very sad. Not only was it sad, it made me sad. It made me depressed.

I felt like I wasn't a valuable person. I could do things for other people, but if the only person I was letting down was me, then forget it. It just wasn't going to happen. I'm sure many people with ADHD can relate to this.

Our executive function skills are lacking, so it's already hard to get started or plan well enough to have what we need to do something. Or are we organized enough to know where the things we need are?

If we do get started on that thing we said we would do, we often see something else that needs to be done and make that a priority instead, and the next thing and the next thing.