Solve Any Problem With These 3 Things

Updated: Aug 20

I've come to the conclusion that you can solve any problem with three things. Mind management, time management, and knowing how to properly set and carry out goals. Each of these things requires perseverance, and these are each skill that must be learned.

The first key to mind management is to realize that your thoughts are not happening to you. I think many people get overwhelmed by the number of thoughts and feelings they deal with on a daily basis on an unconscious level.

Then once they become conscious of their thoughts it is only natural to focus on the negative ones since no one thinks of "good" thoughts as a problem, but we are quick to judge the ones we deem "bad".

The key is to be the watcher of our thoughts. There are many techniques you can use. You can notice them pass like clouds, imagine a room with two doors where your thought walks in stays for a bit, and leaves, or how about an express train that you just watch go by?