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My Quick Review of DRUMMER & THE GREAT MOUNTAIN by Michael Joseph Ferguson

a Guidebook to Transforming Adult ADD/ADHD

If you don’t love the idea of reading a book this size but want the knowledge from it you are in the right place.

I’ll do book reviews like this occasionally, tell me in the comments if there are other books you would like covered.

We are going to make this quick.

This is pretty different from the ADHD books I typically read, and at the end, I’ll let you know about a resource where you can have it read to you for free and a time management book that you can read for free in less than an hour from the same author.

The title is interesting, it’s from a story he tells in the book. If you are interested in holistic ways of dealing with your ADHD, this is really the book for you.

Author Ferguson leans heavily on:

  • nutrition

  • supplementation

  • exercise

  • support systems.

This author, like many of my favorite authors, does not see ADHD and a neurological disorder but a type, and he adopts the Hunter/Farmer theory from Thom Hartmann’s 1993 book Attention Deficit Disorder a Different Perception.

Just to really simplify, the theory is there are two types of people from history and today. Hunters and Farmers. Hunters are on the move and very sensitive to their environment, where farmers are happy to do the same work day in and day out and watch the crops grow.

Today those of us with ADHD, many of us have a hunter-type brain, and we are trying to live in a farmer world.

A fascinating thing the author Ferguson said was the most successful people with ADD/ADHD he has worked with had three things in common.

  1. How they structure their lives.

  2. How they perceive themselves

  3. How they take care of their physical health.

He also goes into some good coverage of addiction and ADHD, life visioning, navigating emotions, spirituality, time management, and coaching. If you are new here I'm an ADHD coach. Check out my button below to book a call.

He touches on emotions, meditation, and mindfulness, but for me, I felt he was missing of the piece from the work that we do with coaching to get the results you want in your life.

But all in all worth a read, especially if you are looking for an alternative to medicine or are a creative or an entrepreneur type there is some excellent information for you here.

Now! If you would rather listen to the book while you are on the go, he reads it chapter by chapter on his podcast by the same name. Drummer and the Great Mountain which should be wherever you enjoy podcasts. I use Podcast Addict which is free here.

Also! If you go on Amazon either for free or for .99 he has a book specifically on time management. I was able to read it in less than an hour. See the link below.

These links are affiliate links if you would like to use them. I’m taking suggestions for videos that would be helpful to you.

If you are looking for an ADHD coach, I have a few spots open for one on one coaching right now. You can a consultation call with me below.


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