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How To Change Any Belief Not Working For You

Beliefs are one of my favorite subjects because beliefs can change your life for the better. A belief is simply a thought we think over and over again, and it's likely someone offered us this thought at some point in our life.

So here is what I offer to my clients, and you can take it or leave it, but I say beliefs are like handbags. Someone in our life gives us one, or we just pick it up somewhere, and we put it on our shoulder. Pretty soon we have quite a few on our shoulders, and sometimes they can weigh us down.

Here is the kicker. At any point, we can take that purse off our shoulders, examine it and decide if we like it anymore. Is it serving us? My family taught me that hard work was noble. Not in so many words, but we started working early. My dad worked past normal hours. My mother worked as well.

Everyone worked, and we were beekeepers for a pretty large operation, so it was hard work. Lifting and hauling, extracting honey, washing, painting, creating queens, making frames, and so forth.

So I grabbed on to a belief that hard work was good. My dear brain twisted that into all work had to be hard. Which twisted into everything is hard and that led to anxiety and depression.

That everything is hard belief was an orange handbag and when I took it off my shoulder I was so much lighter, and I looked at it, and it really didn't go with my wardrobe or my life, so I just sat it down and walked away.

Now that thought comes up about something being hard, and I just chuckle. Oh, no, honey, we left that purse on the corner somewhere. It's not hard at all. What if it were easy? Oh well, if it were easy I would just do....

See my point? Questioning your beliefs that are not serving you is a part of my coaching. Let's see if we are a good fit. Book a consultation call with me by clicking the button below. It's easy, you just pick your time zone and the day and time you want.

Fill out a simple quiz about ADHD with yes, no, and sometimes answers, and we are all set. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


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