How Routine Calms Your ADHD Brain

Updated: Sep 17

There are usually two teams when it comes to adults with ADHD. There is team Extreme Routine and team No Routine. Which team are you on?

I used to be team No Routine. It didn't even occur to me that I should have them. One day I was watching YouTube and I saw Jordan Peterson say that you need to have a routine in order to be mentally healthy.

What? Why did no one teach me this? I was really trying to do a time management program I learned from my coaching school and not having much success.

I had a lot of beliefs about time management being restrictive and that my day would be boring if I did the same thing every day. Also that my calendar was telling me what to do.

I worked on all of those beliefs and I really had to question them but it was so interesting that was what was holding me back.