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How Routine Calms Your ADHD Brain

There are usually two teams when it comes to adults with ADHD. There is team Extreme Routine and team No Routine. Which team are you on?

I used to be team No Routine. It didn't even occur to me that I should have them. One day I was watching YouTube and I saw Jordan Peterson say that you need to have a routine in order to be mentally healthy.

What? Why did no one teach me this? I was really trying to do a time management program I learned from my coaching school and not having much success.

I had a lot of beliefs about time management being restrictive and that my day would be boring if I did the same thing every day. Also that my calendar was telling me what to do.

I worked on all of those beliefs and I really had to question them but it was so interesting that was what was holding me back.

If you think you may have beliefs holding you back feel free to download my free workbook that helps you discover your beliefs holding you back and replace them. Click the picture below for the free download of the workbook.

I dove down the rabbit hole of routines being important to our mental health. Finally, I was ready to listen when I found I should get up at the same time every day and go to bed at the same time every day.

I was ready to listen about following a schedule each day. I was ready to calendar the things I wanted to get done in a week.

Did I fail? Oh, yes! There were days I didn't want to even look at the calendar. There were weeks I didn't plan, but I kept trying.

Through this process, I realized my days would be easier if there were a morning, work, and evening routine.

Less to think about and important things like cleaning, work tasks, dinner, laundry, and dishes getting done daily? What!?

So why routines?

  • They clear our already overloaded brains.

  • Routines create structure which we still need as adults.

  • They give us a sense of accomplishment.

What are some suggestions for routines?

  • Wake up the same time every day.

  • Shower & get ready even if you are going nowhere.

  • Eat meals at regular times.

  • Keep a schedule for exercise.

  • Limit electronics an hour before bed.

  • Go to bed the same time each night.

Keep in mind how routine can bring you joy. Can you eat breakfast or dinner with your family daily? If you are the primary cook, make it easy for you.

Do you have things you love to do with friends or family every weekend? Do you love to walk your dogs?

Your routines will become habits. You just have to keep practicing them.

Here are some tips:

  • Create your routine ahead of time?

  • Break large projects into bite-size tasks.

  • Keep it simple. Start small and build.

  • Stay on track using timers.

  • Make every routine one you enjoy or get a sense of accomplishment.

Do you already have routines? Comment and tell me about them. If you would like to see if ADHD Coaching is for you, then you can book a consultation call by clicking the button below.


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