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How Can ADHD Coaching Help You With Organization?

I have helped so many clients with an organization project! How? I could tell you how right here. You could use these examples and do it yourself. If you are reading this, what I know about you is you are really smart. How do I know how smart you are? All my clients so far are brilliant, so you must be too.

You have the knowledge in your head of what to do and how to do it, but you have trouble taking action by yourself. Why? There are many reasons, but one is overwhelm. Sometimes you need someone right there with you to make it feel manageable.

My clients know I'm a calm, cool head there for them to make it simple and help them to get it done. Even more importantly, I'm there to coach on the mind drama that comes up when it's time to get to work. That is the thing you are missing. There isn't a thing wrong with you. You are smart and capable.

You aren't getting the thing done because of what you are thinking. We can break things down, make lists, calendar items, and all that jazz, and we do, but what happens when it comes time to do that task to take on that project. YOU WOULD RATHER DO ANYTHING ELSE!

This is a normal reaction of our brain because we are thinking that thing is going to be hard, take a long time, it's just too complicated, we've never done it before, fill in your thoughts here. Why? Our brains seek pleasure, avoid pain, and want to expend the least amount of effort possible.

Not exactly a recipe to get the thing done right? That is why we would rather scroll on the phone, turn on Netflix, eat, drink, do anything to avoid the thing. We can change our motivation, but we have to examine what is going on in our brain and rewire it to seek pleasure.

That is why I'm your coach. I've done this for myself and client after client. Click the button below and book a call with me. It's easy, but letting that thing you can't get done taking up space in your brain and make you feel bad is hard. Let me help! I know I can.

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