Does Packing Stress You Out?

Updated: Aug 20

You know what used to freak me out!? A trip anywhere for anything. Do we have ALL the things that will be needed for the entire trip? Can I anticipate any issue that may arise at any time and be prepared without a trip to Walmart? Which we are going to take anyway for water and snacks?

Really, it was crazy-making, pointless, and stressful. It was all in my head. It started to get in the way of us taking trips at all because I didn't want to turn into a stress ball. We bought a beautiful camper that we have not taken out nearly enough. Why? Partly planning. Partly licensing.

A good coach gets coaching, so I got some coaching on this situation. Taking out the camper and how it's stressful and how to make it better. The bottom line of the coaching was. If I forget something, I will go to the store, or we will do without it. The likelihood I would go to the store was really high anyway.

Why do I tell you this? There is a thought stressing you about your planning. Yes, planning is an executive functioning skill you may be lacking in and it's so much easier to learn to do with a coach, but sometimes it's simply a thought holding us back from making the plan and following through with it.