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Does Packing Stress You Out?

You know what used to freak me out!? A trip anywhere for anything. Do we have ALL the things that will be needed for the entire trip? Can I anticipate any issue that may arise at any time and be prepared without a trip to Walmart? Which we are going to take anyway for water and snacks?

Really, it was crazy-making, pointless, and stressful. It was all in my head. It started to get in the way of us taking trips at all because I didn't want to turn into a stress ball. We bought a beautiful camper that we have not taken out nearly enough. Why? Partly planning. Partly licensing.

A good coach gets coaching, so I got some coaching on this situation. Taking out the camper and how it's stressful and how to make it better. The bottom line of the coaching was. If I forget something, I will go to the store, or we will do without it. The likelihood I would go to the store was really high anyway.

Why do I tell you this? There is a thought stressing you about your planning. Yes, planning is an executive functioning skill you may be lacking in and it's so much easier to learn to do with a coach, but sometimes it's simply a thought holding us back from making the plan and following through with it.

Mine looked something like. This is going to be hard. You are going to forget something. You won't remember to pack everything. You are going to screw this up and someone is going to be without something they need. This is all on your shoulders. You are the only one that can do this, so do it right. Yikes!

I get emotional just realizing I was talking to myself that way. It hurts. It's kind of mean and familiar at the same time. It doesn't have to be this way, we can pack the necessities we can recall, decide that is good enough, and get what we forgot at the Walmart run or Walgreens run we are going to make anyway.

This is just one example of planning. I'll talk about a different one next time. If packing or planning in general stresses you out, book a consultation call with me. Just click the button below.


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