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Do You Struggle With Self Love?

My coach made me cry! I presented her with this huge problem that I felt so out of control with and really felt was taking over my life, and she said, "I don't even care about that, what you need to concentrate on loving yourself!"

I immediately started crying. She wasn't harsh, in fact, she was the grandmotherly type. What made me cry was 100% right and when she said it, I knew it. I felt it in my bones, but I didn't even know what that meant at the time.

So I set out on a journey of what that meant. I looked everywhere for an answer. I found many but one that makes it so simple is a free resource on YouTube. DM or comment me if you would like the link to that.

What I found was the number one thing was to stop all self-criticism! What I tell my clients is you can not beat yourself into change. Your inner voice can't criticize you into a better version of yourself. Most people think, but if I don't, I won't change. UNTRUE!

So I went all in! I opened myself up during coaching certification and was completely vulnerable when being coached, and because I was loving myself, I could love the people I coached. I could take feedback as information instead of how I was wrong.

I was able to make YouTube videos and not edit them because that is me, and I'm okay just the way I am. I'm able to take photographs and just think...there you are (so gently)...and not pick myself apart. I'm never afraid to show up to a client because I'm wonderful, and they are wonderful. That feels amazing!

Do you need help with this process? How would loving yourself more change your life? Book a session with me if you want to talk about this or anything else, click the button below. I love you, and I'm happy to help you love you as well.

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