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Can Time Management Be Fun?

Really, how could you? Are you adding fun to your day? If not, why not? Are you managing your time well enough to make life more fun?

You might think of time management as the opposite of fun, but let me tell you why you are wrong.

I think what you are forgetting is you are in charge of your time, and you get to plan whatever you want. Plan fun stuff.

In the time management, I teach, I encourage my client to use this as an opportunity to add more joy to their lives.

Today I went outside and notice the crazy amount of dragonflies in the sky above me zipping between the trees.

I just stopped to enjoy it for a moment. Sometimes we don't even have to add more fun to our lives, we can just have the space to enjoy it.

To have your time managed sounds so strict and stuffy, but what would it feel like to have the comfort of knowing you are getting done what you would like to get done.

That at that moment there is nowhere else you need to be. You are right where you should be.

I'll tell you it's relaxing. I think a key part of it though is realizing we will never read all the books, paint all the paintings, see all the places or do all the things.

Of this abundant world, we live in, you get to decide what you want to partake in this week. That is time management. It needs a sexier name.

Really it's a matter of living with indention or putting out fires. Do you want to stop putting out fires in your life and have more fun?

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