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ADHD Does Not Go Away When You Grow Up

The bulk of my clients consist of women with ADHD, many are just getting diagnosed, but some were told when they grew up it would just go away. Usually, they will deal with anxiety and maybe depression that they have difficulty resolving.

The fact is, ADHD looks different in adults than it does in children, but it does not go away. With an inattentive presentation, you can have a hard time concentrating and sustaining focus. In the hyperactive presentation, you may feel restless, and it may present as talking or fidgeting excessively.

Now, remember if diagnosed you are probably predominately one or the other or combined. But you can have a combination of symptoms, no matter your diagnosis. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, so talk to yours for any medical advice, but maybe tuck this information away in the back of your head.

The bottom line is, if you are not functioning to full capacity in life, you don't have to live that way. You deserve more. You are worth fulfilling your dreams and ambitions. If you don't believe that for yourself right now, then borrow my belief in you.

Now look, I know your time is precious. Also, most of us don't really want to jump on a Zoom call and talk about our problems with a stranger. Just know I will make this process is a caring, safe conversation. If you decide to work with me, great. If not, that is not a problem.

That being said, I promise you will leave the call with some hope for your life, whether you choose to work further with me or not. If you need a little of that, link below and book a consultation call with me.

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