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3 Step Plan to Overcoming Overwhelm

3 Step Plan to Overcoming Overwhelm Woman with hands on face.

Many of my ADHD Clients come to me because they are feeling overwhelmed.

It’s all too much!

  • Work or Business

  • Education

  • Managing a Home

  • Managing Children

  • Taking Care of Ourselves

  • Bills

  • Other Responsibilities

All with a very busy mind, often while not getting enough sleep and throwing in a good dose of anxiety.

I know this was me for many years. It’s only human to feel overwhelmed. When it’s a useful feeling, it causes us to stop, notice what is wrong, and take care of ourselves.

When it’s not useful and chronic, we feel frozen or paralyzed. We feel like we just can’t cope.

Overwhelm is caused by stressors, and having ADHD can cause daily stressors in many different ways.

Did you know that you can get in the habit of feeling overwhelmed? Or that our beliefs can be contributing to overwhelm? It’s true, and it’s great news because it means we have control of how we feel.

I work with clients in many different ways to overcome their overwhelm. It is unique to the individual, but we will talk about some things here that can be useful to anyone.

#1 Find Your Thoughts Causing Overwhelm - You can do this in many different ways.

  • Journaling

  • Brain dumps (writing all your current thoughts or thoughts on a subject down)

  • Voice notes

  • A Video diary

  • Talking to a friend, family or colleague

  • Talking to a coach

  • Talking to a therapist

#2 Looking For Beliefs - Beliefs are simply thoughts we have thought enough times we have decided they are true and now believe them.

Examples of some overwhelming beliefs:

  • Life is hard.

  • __________ is harder for me than other people.

  • I can never get enough done.

  • I hate _____________.

  • I’m just no good.

  • I can’t keep up.

# 3 Challenging Your Thoughts & Beliefs - Once you have noticed what you are thinking, you can challenge it.

  • Is thinking this way serving you or working against you?

  • How does thinking this way make you feel?

  • Do you want to continue to feel this way?

  • What would you like to feel instead?

  • What would you need to be thinking to feel that way? If that is not attainable yet…

  • What could you think instead that makes you feel just a little bit better?

  • Is it believable to you?

  • What is one small thing you can do today to get unstuck or take control?

Would you like to implement this process today? You can get the free workbook here.

We can learn to take control of our thinking and improve our mental health. It can help us to come out of the frozen or paralyzed state we can get in when feeling severe overwhelm.

In ADHD Coaching, we work with practical tools to help you as well as working on your mindset, your thoughts and beliefs to help you feel better and move forward with your tasks and goals. I like to say we help you make your life easier.

Want more on the subject? Check out my video 'How can you overcome being overwhelmed?'

Are you interested in Adult ADHD Coaching? You can book a consultation call with me below.


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